The Council


The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council is the second largest council in Scotland and the ninth largest in the UK, we spend over £1 billion in revenue and around £400 million of capital each year.

Our responsibilities are wide-ranging, from our superb school system through to social work, housing, economic development, parks and green spaces, culture and sport, festivals and events, and roads and transport.

The Council is committed to playing a dynamic role on the local, national and international stage.

Our challenges

As the city’s population increases, with growing numbers of young children and older people, we have an increasing demand on our services. Even with a buoyant economy and increasing population, Edinburgh has issues of social inequality, poverty and vulnerable citizens, and we are committed to addressing these issues.

Along with all UK councils, the Council faces a significant financial challenge, while we cannot fully predict the financial impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, we know that over the next three years we will need to save around another £50 million. This is in addition to the £350 million we have already saved since 2012/2013. To deliver this, we must ensure services are effective and efficient at locality level, manage demand and find innovative methods of delivery. To do this we need outstanding leaders.

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