Our Future Council


Our Future Council

We need to work differently to deliver our priorities and those of the Edinburgh Partnership in a way that is financially sustainable. 

We need to be a Council that is more agile, more empowering of others and more connected to our citizens lives and communities.  It means carrying on with the changes prompted through the city’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and taking that learning into every aspect of the organisation.

It means structuring and delivering services differently, working with communities and using existing buildings within each community. In doing so we will work with equality groups to consider the needs of all our citizens.

It means having accessible technology to support digitally excluded citizens and the tools to allow our teams to deliver services digitally more effectively and efficiently Delivering our vision.

Our future council wheel

Our Future Council also requires a further evolution in the culture of the organisation. We must focus on empowering our colleagues and involving them in changes at a much earlier stage, as well as being honest about the impact of change on our teams and services. And it requires a culture that is more inclusive, where people feel safe and able to raise concerns and potential risks knowing that they will be responded to fairly and effectively.

To deliver our vision and strategic aims, the Council’s Business Plan sets out 15 outcomes. This plan stands as one part of a golden thread linking and guiding our operations, through to the shared goals and commitments of the Edinburgh Partnership and towards our long term ambitions for Edinburgh to be a fair, welcoming, pioneering, and thriving city, as expressed by the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision.